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An strongly altered state of mind, induced no doubt by the ingestion of chemical substances.
Geezer X: How was last night?

Geezer Y: Mate, I was absolutely cunted!!
by Phillip W Evans December 02, 2006
very drunk
We staggered out of this bar at 2am - absolutely cunted
by Bob C December 20, 2002
extremely alcoholised: regrettably.
(the next morning)
"Jesus wept, I'm cunted, did I fuck you?"
"Get out of my bed"
by james November 15, 2003
Cunted; is to be punished for a wrong doing by a person of female gender, where in they will leap up above you (or wait above doorways to cunt you unexpectedly) and drop down onto you, at which point you would then disappear into the genitalia of this female.
Jack: "You're going to be late for Physics; you're going to get cunted."
Alex: (Walks into a Physics lesson late) “Hi Miss, Sorry I am late…”
Teacher: (Cunts Alex) “And then he’s gone”.
by Jimbo-M October 08, 2011
noun 'Cunted' - to be receive a blow, strike, tackle, beating, walloping or injury of such severity that there are no other words in the English language to adequately describe the it. It is similar to 'mullered' but more severe
noun 'cunted'
1. that bloke on youtube that got hit by a bus was properly cunted
2. one of those poor bastards running with the bulls at Pamplona is going to get cunted
3. Mike Catt was totally cunted by Jonah Lomu in the Rugby World Cup
4. if he pisses me off one more time he is going to get cunted

adj 'cunting'
1. that bull proper gored him... gave him one hell of a cunting
2. a cunting is what will happen if you are hit by a bus
3. we are going to give the opposition rugby team a good cunting
by kavorkaa January 14, 2014

1: To cunt ones head.

2: Strike or hit (someone or something) very hard.

3: Heavily defeat (an opponent).
Eanna Carroll fell off his bike and Cunted his head off the ground, cheese-grating* his face off the road.

*See Cheese-grated
by SlimsLynch April 24, 2011
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