Offensively drunk
so hammered, that you freely use the word cunt in public.
Fuck, I'm cunted. If that cunt doesn't buy me another drink, I'll... what was I saying?
by Clods September 15, 2010
Worse than fucked and coined by macca
Wow, your cunted (said to someone who just dropped a chainsaw on their face)
by thingsIlearnatssnowcamp July 05, 2010
Verb - past tense
Verb - infinitive: "to cunt"

A handy word which describes more accurately sexual intercourse between a person with a cunt (the vulva, not the derogatory term for female) and someone else.
Example 1:
Steve: "How was Sara last night?"
Jake: "Bitch wouldn't take it in the backdoor so I was forced to cunt her all night instead."

Example 2:
Johnny: "Why is that slut walking so funny?"
Alex: "Some bros paid her forty bucks to get cunted by a donkey; the toughest part was finding a willing enough donkey. . ."

by Brought to you by The Big JC April 20, 2009
to be made a be made an example be cunted
Tom: Did you watch the Green Bay Packers play the NY Giants?
Frank: Yeah...Al Harris was destroyed by Burress time and
time again...
Tom: Yeah...Al Harris was cunted...totally
by Chris H Graham February 29, 2008
To have one's penis removed in the process of going through a sexchange.

First I had my breast enlargement, then I went for the main operation where I was cunted.
by radioartichoke April 20, 2009
Something one step higher than fucked
-Was Zidane any good at football?
-Oh mate, he was cunted
-Yeah Blue Planet may have been fucked, but Planet Earth was absolutely cunted.
by walking cunt September 24, 2008
A replacement word for broken or wrecked.
1. Fuck, i shouldn't have driven my car over that cliff. Now its cunted.

2. I left my paper hat collection out in the rain last night and now its cunted.
by PUNK April 07, 2005

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