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Gave something a bad review, a real slagging off.
Nick Love and Danny Dyer discuss their film Outlaw and the critical reaction it received:

"When Taxi Driver came out it got cunted...but the bottom line is it's the film that we'll be remembered for, so jog on cunt."
by Marpleleaf October 04, 2009

1: To cunt ones head.

2: Strike or hit (someone or something) very hard.

3: Heavily defeat (an opponent).
Eanna Carroll fell off his bike and Cunted his head off the ground, cheese-grating* his face off the road.

*See Cheese-grated
by SlimsLynch April 24, 2011
You're not in a relationship, but the person you're meant to be "seeing" or "getting with" decides to do something with another individual, leaving you angry and hurt -without being cheated on due to the lack of official relationship.
Dude, I've been cunted over again!
by connnnnn February 27, 2011
Verb, referring to sex.
"hey guy, did you hook up with that girl at the party last night?"

"OH hell yeah I did, she cunted the shit out of me"

by Viewaskewfool November 30, 2010
Offensively drunk
so hammered, that you freely use the word cunt in public.
Fuck, I'm cunted. If that cunt doesn't buy me another drink, I'll... what was I saying?
by Clods September 15, 2010
Worse than fucked and coined by macca
Wow, your cunted (said to someone who just dropped a chainsaw on their face)
by thingsIlearnatssnowcamp July 05, 2010
Verb - past tense
Verb - infinitive: "to cunt"

A handy word which describes more accurately sexual intercourse between a person with a cunt (the vulva, not the derogatory term for female) and someone else.
Example 1:
Steve: "How was Sara last night?"
Jake: "Bitch wouldn't take it in the backdoor so I was forced to cunt her all night instead."

Example 2:
Johnny: "Why is that slut walking so funny?"
Alex: "Some bros paid her forty bucks to get cunted by a donkey; the toughest part was finding a willing enough donkey. . ."

by Brought to you by The Big JC April 20, 2009