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A female who has an unnatural craving to control cunts, the actions of cunts, and the distribution of cunt among the populace. Many times the de facto leader of a group of popular girls.
Bad breath? NO CUNT FOR YOU!

- Cunt Nazi
by See you on the field August 25, 2005
A man who destroys cunts, or vaginas, in order to get to penises easier.
Man: Vaginas must die! Penises rule! I'm a cunt-nazi!
by Jonas Brothers April 12, 2008
a person who is a total bitch (cunt) and also likes to dictate and discriminate:P
as in u are a total cuntnazi
by matty D T March 24, 2007
A woman who attempts to cockblock a potential interracial romantic situation.
Girl #1: Wow, Amber is digging Leroy big time.

Cunt Nazi: Ew! If she doesn't leave him alone I'm going to get her fired.
by major_delmac February 28, 2005
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