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a good way for a girl to start a deadly lifelong blood feud.
she tried to set me up for failure, and when that didn't work, she kicked me in the nuts, so that's why I cut all her hair off, your honor.

by see you on the field April 12, 2005
A female who has an unnatural craving to control cunts, the actions of cunts, and the distribution of cunt among the populace. Many times the de facto leader of a group of popular girls.
Bad breath? NO CUNT FOR YOU!

- Cunt Nazi
by See you on the field August 25, 2005
a blow up doll for females.
Why are vibrators okay for women, but blow up dolls uncool for men?

Yuck, I would never use a blow up doll either, so why do women get to have dildo/tupperware parties?
by see you on the field April 15, 2005
A hot little number out of Cacka Lacka, star of TV show "My Name is Earl". Soon to blow up like Pam Anderson. Rumoured to like chubby black average joes despite her slim figure and starlet status.
Jaime Pressly makes me laugh. She plays that role too well.
by see you on the field September 03, 2006
1) Jimi Hendrix's bass player.

2) The enemy in your life that you keep the closest to you.

3) To be an obessive, jealous hater of someone you work with who has more talent than you. To constantly seek a way to screw a good thing up for everyone.
Noel Redding belongs in the hater hall of fame.
by See you on the field August 12, 2005
Sign language that women use to each other to cockblock you when they huddle up across the room. See also disconnect, flip off.
It sounds like they are talking about the weather, but that waitress is speaking cockblockese to that stripper about Johnny.
by See you on the field March 28, 2005
That group of women (every guy has at least one) who wish they could get bridal for a guy, but percieved life circumstances prevent them from pursuing the goal, so they talk trash about said guy or try to stonewall him socially. A variation of the cock block squad.
Innocent Girl#1: "Wow, look at Big Marty's Pimp Aura! He's dreamy!"

Crabtree Committe Member#1: "What? Didn't you hear he's a faggot? What planet are you from you fat redhead bitch? Bow down to your new Cunt Nazi!!!"

Innocent Girl#1: "Um, yes... I like Paris Hilton. He's just another dumb asshole Nelly loving Nigger. Thank you Miss, may I have another.(groan)..."
by See you on the field August 22, 2005
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