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Stage alias for the reknown and talented trip-hop, IDM, and electronic musician, Amon Tobin. Known for his groovy work, inside and outside of videogame and movie-related music scores.
"The musical score for the videogame, Infamous, among others, was written by Amon Tobin, also known as Cujo."
by Zandroid April 08, 2012
caught you jerking off
I was talking to my friend and told them that I walked into my kid's room and cujo
by rogersydbarrett August 26, 2008
A word to describe a "Nigger" A Major Insult.. White Trash = cracker. Nigger = Cujo. Most Hispanics and Latinos use this word. Not racist, just used to describe a black person who either is low income, drug dealing, or uses drugs and is up to no good. Not used to describe the college educated black person who contributes to society.
"Damon is such a crackhead cujo!"

"Look at that Cujo, He's up to no good again!"
by Michael H. the 4th November 25, 2006
A Vagina/gooch located on a woman
"Her cujo must be super loose since Todd hit her last night."
by Willyde November 30, 2005