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A book by Stephen King, about a 200 pound St. Bernard (named Cujo) who becomes rabid and kills several people.
Cujo was a very good book.
by Hitroshimite August 03, 2003
A dog with aggressive or unpredictable behavior. (Based on the rapid dog from Stephen King's novel.)
Cujo tried to attack the cleaning lady today.
by oaklander July 21, 2006
Proper Noun: A religion and compilation of theoretical ideas based off of the supernatural effects of masturbating.

The basic theory is that if one masturbates, he will have a negative events happening to him for a 24 hour or more period. The events vary in negativity depending on the consecutive masturbations before a period has ended, intensity of masturbation, and subject of masturbation. There are many more factors, but they have been untested and cannot be defined at this moment.

The prophet and founder, ironically, is an avid masturbator.

Verb: The act of masturbating while believing that there are negative effects to it.
Kevin: I almost got laid last night. Dammit!
Paul: Why? What happened?
Kevin: As the chick was coming out of my Enzo Ferrari to go home with me, a meteor, with the words "fuck you" inscribed in it, crashed down and killed her and smashed the beautiful Enzo as well.
Paul: What a coincidence.
Kevin: No, I had it coming. I cujos'd for 5 hours straight every night for the last 5 month while watching Hannah Montanna, Wizards of Waverly Place, and various other Disney TV shows.
by DogEatah July 24, 2011
An aggressive dog (canis lupus familiaris), known to be popular by Call Of Duty players, made famous by YouTube commentator, TheMarkOfJ.
Jordan: LET'S GO CUJO!
XBOX Lobby: Shut up.
by CallOfDutyTurtle July 07, 2011
A killer cat, or dog.
Often cute , with a amazing heart ,.
but will turn around and kill you.
That dog is a cujo.
by JWMW.xo April 24, 2009
Goaltender for the Detroit Red Wings. Also has played for the St. Louis Blues, Edmonton Oilers, and Toronto Maple Leafs. Still has not won a Stanley Cup after fifteen NHL seasons.
Cujo never wins a Cup because his teams don't give him enough goal support after the first round of the playoffs.
by Dewey June 15, 2004
Stage alias for the reknown and talented trip-hop, IDM, and electronic musician, Amon Tobin. Known for his groovy work, inside and outside of videogame and movie-related music scores.
"The musical score for the videogame, Infamous, among others, was written by Amon Tobin, also known as Cujo."
by Zandroid April 08, 2012
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