A man with a cue for a head, you can shine it up for a tupence but try to draw on it and this cue goes ape shit he aint a happy ball
You cue ball fuck get back on the table
by Lowie January 28, 2005
a menopausal religious balding old bitch who occasionally beats the innocent humor-seeking fifteen year old. normally a sunken eyed-looking goblin/gollum. the fugly bitch teacher who annoyed you in high school, fond user of cocaine/ rogaine for men, to disguise herself.
i can't believe that rickety old cueball is still alive! someone needs to youthenize that old hag.
by gordonTheWarlock69 February 06, 2010
noun: when your balls get that sticky feeling from sitting and working in an office all day.
dude, i have a bad case of cueballs from sitting in front of that fucking computer all day.
by surferdude July 25, 2004
or "Cue" Slang term for a white girl with a nice ass, or slang for a sexy white girl in general. Term originates from the all white cue ball used in playing pool.
1." Aye man, check out the cue ball on Becky"
2." Check out that group of sexy cue balls over there"
by dingslinger July 16, 2011
a hairless shaved vagina
horny perv #1: i'd like to eat that girl's cueball
horny perv #2: ya man, im gettin a tingly feelin in my pants just thinkin about it...
by jon1223 December 13, 2006
the shiny suface on the grape of the monkey I am forced to sit in an office with every damn day
The gunners cue ball was blinding me as he was dancing for the milk man.
by Mike November 26, 2003
to shave your head and stick it up a vagina!!
Hey Kacy wanna cueball after school?
by Jeffyy November 01, 2007

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