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2 definitions by gordonTheWarlock69

nonmuscles. one having squishy, soft, easily bruisable flesh where firm healthy muscles are expected to be. often found on the lazy and incorrigibly lardy.
As the enormous english teacher sighed heavily when lifting the small book, the class went to pieces laughing at her jiggle-tastic thunder arms and mushles.
by gordonTheWarlock69 May 09, 2010
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a menopausal religious balding old bitch who occasionally beats the innocent humor-seeking fifteen year old. normally a sunken eyed-looking goblin/gollum. the fugly bitch teacher who annoyed you in high school, fond user of cocaine/ rogaine for men, to disguise herself.
i can't believe that rickety old cueball is still alive! someone needs to youthenize that old hag.
by gordonTheWarlock69 February 06, 2010
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