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the large breasts of a woman(or man) which often catch the crumbs of Combos or other miscellaneous snacks.
DAMN MARIAH, look at all the food your crumb catchers are getting.

Wow, with DSL's and crumb catchers like that, you must live in New York.
by The Anonymous Ricky G October 25, 2008
big boobs that catch crumbs or other bits of food falling from ones mouth. males or females can have crumb catchers.
dude your crumb catchers will be working overtime at the buffet.

mom you got a little schmutz on the crumb catchers.

that tshirt really shows off your crumb catchers bob.

wow check out the crumb catchers on that hottie.
by czv August 23, 2007
a guys belley where all crumbs, chips and food droppings
fall while sitting, in his chair or the family sofa.
Maureen: Arthur has one nice ass crumb catcher give him some more chips and a sandwhich.
Amber: This is better than watching him get another ass tatoo.
by Geronimo Apodaca May 02, 2008
Large female breasts that catch food particles.
When a female with large breast leaves the movies and has to remove remaining popcorn that has fallen between her crumb catchers.
by Brad Allerton April 30, 2008
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