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a term of endearment used by sexy azn hunnies to describe their beautiful manfriends.
I ♥ my crotchy ^^ he bought me Gucci!
by UR Crotch April 20, 2009
101 30
Taking a picture of your crotch and posting it to social media, similar to a selfie but with crotches
"Hey, take a look at my newest crotchy pic on instagram"
by Dawnoreo December 06, 2013
3 0
when u have little rodents running around in your crotch, it feels wierd, REALLY WIERD
dude i have to say my crotchies are itchin like a bitch
by aubrey langeland May 06, 2003
5 4
1: crotch-like; especially in action, speech, or thought
2: being a self-centered asshole
that guy sure is crotchy today. what a jerk.
by mike hunt January 06, 2004
17 96
a crotchy is when your penis gets stuck to your nuts and you have to maneuver it around to free it; also known as a wedgie in your crotch area.
Dude1:Dude i freakin have a crotchy!!!
Dude2:So go behind that bush and pick it...
Dude1:Good idea
by XxGofigurexX October 25, 2007
9 96