Movie made in the early 1970s.
Featured a tough bushman who wrestled with crocodiles, and starred Paul Hogan.
Much forgotten in today's society, but without it, there would be now Steve Irwin}.
Man, that was one good movie!
by Sanders June 23, 2004
Top Definition
To grab a womans pussy without warning her. In some cases, to confirm that she's not a dude.
From "Amanda" by Dirt Nasty. "Is she a he, or he a she? I can't believe, I'ma do a crocodile dundee, and grab her pussy..."
by ItsmeAustin December 23, 2007
When you grab an unsuspecting androgynous persons crotch, as to make sure they do not have a dick.
This girls hitting on me, but im drunk and not really sure if they are a man or woman, so imma crocodile dundee this bitch, and see whats happenin!
by rcpthenemesis December 30, 2009
The proper name for the "alligator fuckhouse" sex act. During intercourse (vaginal/anal) when nearing climax, either partner latches onto the other with their teeth, upon their neck or shoulder and proceeds to death roll with their significant other. Usually rolling off the bed while maintaining penetration, this can be very satisfying for each as the depth of insertion increases significantly.
Things got wild the other night, and she pulled a pulled a Crocodile Dundee on me; bitch pulled me onto the floor, and bruised my hip.
by bad bad dlo brown April 10, 2010
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