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Not a crab.
I think that's a lobster... at least it's crobably not a crab...
by J Wilde January 19, 2011
1. The level of intoxication when you lose all inhibitions. 2. When friendliness becomes creepy
Dude, last night you were crobbing on girls half your age.
by richard cranium816 August 26, 2013
Adjective describing something that is so mind blowingly disguting that it causes you to throw up a bit in your mouth.
Fresh skid marks in a grown ass man's tighty whities - Thats crob.

The spreading of seed among inanimate objects at your workplace - Thats crob.
by whiskersonkittens123 August 27, 2012
An ethnic slur that describes the Chinese people in the same way as chink.
Kenny is a crob who eats sticky rice with a shovel.
by Dayringer July 17, 2005

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