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When the hospital asks you to pee in a small cup and then hand it to some person you don't know and never see what happens to it. Also refered to as Home Country Lemonade.
Doctors love asking for urine samples, but what do they do with them?
by Dayringer October 25, 2004
Like a knife, only with a spinning saw blade on the end.
You think you're badass? Im gonna cut you up with my kinfe!
by Dayringer October 25, 2004
When a n00b tries to call you a fucking douche, but is too chicken to actually say fucking, nor good enough with a keyboard to spell douche right. Or even close.
OMG you are such an effing couch.
by Dayringer October 25, 2004
The superior calling form of dibs. Also beats double dibs, super dibs, scoobies, I-called-its, I-actually-own-that-chairs, and Super-mega-octuple-dib-stampies-no-erasies. Kreps is the best.
My friend dropped his wallet on the ground and I called kreps on it. I like my new wallet.
by Dayringer October 25, 2004
An ethnic slur that describes the Chinese people in the same way as chink.
Kenny is a crob who eats sticky rice with a shovel.
by Dayringer July 17, 2005
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