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Listening to a song or album repeatedly for a period of time because you're just into it that much
"I've been crobbing that new Killers album all week. It hasn't left my car cd player once."
by drewplaysdrums April 15, 2009
n: 1. pure bad luck in finding something you weren't looking for and really didn't want to find. 2. an aptitude for making very undesirable discoveries by accident.
opp. "serendipity"
also adj: serendipshitous.
I couldn't believe my ex-fiance was the hotel manager at my honeymoon resort... serendipshitty...
by drewplaysdrums December 11, 2007

It is the behavior of keeping something a secret or held in confidence. Often used as an adjective to describe information being exchanged that is to be held in confidence.

The term orginates from the idea that once something has entered a black hole, it cannot escape.

The "w" is silent.
Al: So you let her in your office? What did she want?
Bill: Yeah, I did-- and this is blackwholism, ok?
Al: Of course!
Bill: She wanted me to use a CIGAR!
Al: WHAT?! At least it's biodegradable.
by drewplaysdrums December 30, 2010
The buzz you want/get from drinking before class during the first week of the semester to help deal with the pain of having to go back to school.
Man, I gotta go grab my syllabuzz before i hit that first trig theory class... i don't even wanna think about starting back again.
by drewplaysdrums September 08, 2008
n. A glass photo print.
I was going to buy her a canvas for our anniversary but that's cliche. I got her a Fracture instead!
by drewplaysdrums November 11, 2014

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