Someone who in any amount of free time, will attempt to go onto any gossip website or twitter. This will most likely end up in the removal of such electronic device.
Kirby Davis - Official PS Creeper
by eldesperadoe April 29, 2009
A person who always turns up in a photo. Usually he is in a small corner or between heads.
Haha, Johnny is such a creeper, look at him try to squeeze in next to Alyssa and Jamie in that picture.

Timmy, get out of the picture, you creeper.
by Fountainman March 21, 2009
A person that creeps around and does generally very creepy things, not james zhu
Monica: You are such a creeper.
James: No I am not.
Monica: Yeah I guess you are right.
by NadaCreeper December 04, 2008
a person who is sketchy around friends, aka trys to run game on /employ undercover creep tactics on / hook up with people who they are "friends with"
WOW Lara Quest is HUGE CREEPER, watch your back tonight shes CREEPIN hard
by M L Brander April 23, 2008
A person who weirdly watches and observes other people he shouldn't have that much interest in. This could be by way of peering through windows, around corners, or through binoculars.
Also can be applied as a derogatory term to anyone who appears weird or strange.
Guy 1: Dude, Sam's Dad was totally being a creeper again at practice today!
Guy 2: I know, I saw him sitting there in a lawn chair and staring at us with binoculars!
by ZXBobSaget September 21, 2010
1. One who 'creeps'
2. One who gives lengthy stares from across the room in your obvious direction
3. One who has bat-like hearing who can 'creep' on your possible conversations
1. litmag is full of Creepers but loveable ones.
by Litmager September 08, 2010
When a persons pants, jeans, undwear or basically any type of clothing that covers your butt is jammed up the crack. Commonly seen in middle aged women and overweight people. A close cousin to camel toe and moose knuckle.
did you see that guys creeper, his ass was eating his jeans.
by chadjerimy July 25, 2010

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