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1. One who 'creeps'
2. One who gives lengthy stares from across the room in your obvious direction
3. One who has bat-like hearing who can 'creep' on your possible conversations
1. litmag is full of Creepers but loveable ones.
by Litmager September 08, 2010
2 15
someone who is very creepy
toby the creeper
by 77creep August 31, 2010
6 19
When a persons pants, jeans, undwear or basically any type of clothing that covers your butt is jammed up the crack. Commonly seen in middle aged women and overweight people. A close cousin to camel toe and moose knuckle.
did you see that guys creeper, his ass was eating his jeans.
by chadjerimy July 25, 2010
8 21
A person who creeps in the background or watches you while you sleep.
Person #1- Did you see the movie Twilight
Person #2- Yeah, Edward Cullen is such a creeper
by omgitsalex7777 March 29, 2010
6 19
Edward Cullen.
Edward is a creeper by watching Bella in her sleep.
by Pandagirl820 October 14, 2009
5 18
Edward Cullen.
The creeper likes to watch people sleep without their knowledge, oiling windows so he can get inside without waking them up.
by Luxferre88 October 12, 2009
5 18
-A person who stands outside someone's door whispering "I miss you" or "I love you"
-Someone who eats popcorn and cheers while watching someone have sex.
Meghan Wright: sex fiendor no?!
Meghan, are you being a creeper again?
by creepo! October 16, 2008
12 25