a person who constantly exhibits abnormal behavior resulting in you getting an uncomfortable feeling; mainly involves staring at you for long intervals of time or constantly putting their arms around you in some way, either over your shoulder or around you like a hug
Kristina: "Did you see Cody staring at me all day?"

Chelsie: "Yeah. He's definitely a creeper."
by Aquaphina May 26, 2009
some one who does odd things that most normal people would not,its usually easy to tell if someone is a creeper or not.
creeper: hey "bob" that shirt looks tight.
bob: really? its not.
creeper: i like it....

note: tight means not loose.
by loler bowler May 21, 2009
People who pride themselves on starring, judging, photographing victims, and making catchy annotations. Creepers usually work in pairs, and do so discretely. They creep from all angles, day and night, rain or shine. They pride themselves in their creepbility to capture amazing pictures of creeptastic occurrences.
Kelly and Julianne are professional creepers. They lurk patiently in the shadows, taking pictures of innocent victims and laughing silently amungst themselves. Those who see them dodge from view, in fear of being humiliated and judged.
by CreepinUp March 01, 2011
A person who weirdly watches and observes other people he shouldn't have that much interest in. This could be by way of peering through windows, around corners, or through binoculars.
Also can be applied as a derogatory term to anyone who appears weird or strange.
Guy 1: Dude, Sam's Dad was totally being a creeper again at practice today!
Guy 2: I know, I saw him sitting there in a lawn chair and staring at us with binoculars!
by ZXBobSaget September 21, 2010
When a persons pants, jeans, undwear or basically any type of clothing that covers your butt is jammed up the crack. Commonly seen in middle aged women and overweight people. A close cousin to camel toe and moose knuckle.
did you see that guys creeper, his ass was eating his jeans.
by chadjerimy July 25, 2010
A person who creeps in the background or watches you while you sleep.
Person #1- Did you see the movie Twilight
Person #2- Yeah, Edward Cullen is such a creeper
by omgitsalex7777 March 29, 2010
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