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Someone who likes girls, and only girls but will not admit it.
Chelsea: Jasmine is soo cute x]
Bekah: You're so gay.
Geo: Yes, she is.
Chelsea: No I'm not, I could like penis if I really wanted.
Bekah: Okay, how about him *Points to gorgeous boy*
Geo: He's hot.
Chelsea: ....Ew...Aw look Jasmine :]
Bekah: You're gay.
Chelsea: No....I'm not...
Bekah: You are such a lesbian in denial.
by Dontanwserthat April 01, 2009
Someone who stalks people they find attractive in the hall way at school my using myspace
Rebekah is such a creeper
by Dontanwserthat April 01, 2009

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