Piece of shit company that sells good mp3 players, but doesnt know how to fucking make a headphone jack, so pretty much in one month, your mp3 player is ruined
Last year I bought the Creative Zen Micro. I was psyched. It was $50 less than an iPod mini, and held one gigabyte of more music. It also had a FM radio and a voice recorder built in, which you had to pay an extra $60 for both on an iPod. But 5 days after my warranty expired, the headphone jack was dead and I went online to find out a ton of their mp3 players were defective and weren't offering to repair them for free.
by Damian C October 25, 2005
A Large Faceless Corporation Who Couldn't Make An Easy To Install Sound Card Is Their Lives Depended On It....
by S.Adam Q. February 23, 2003
Big company who pretends to be qualitybrand, but distributes legions of bad products. Shitty webcams, buggy soundcards and slow videocards to name a few.
Well - He bought a generic modem at the store. When he came home, he found out those fucktards gave him a creative modem. God, he was mad when he realized it.
by MadiZone November 18, 2003

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