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Toad (In Norman French), used to describe a person from the Channel Island of Jersey. How it is interpreted is usually dependent upon who said it and in what context however this is mainly in a jokey manner from a Guernsey person to a Jersey person with little malice intended. They may then respond by calling the Guernsey person a donkey or less commonly an Anes (the Guernsey French alternative).
Guernsey Man: Oi Mick! get over here you bloney crapaud!

Jersey Man -walking over-: Oh shut up you old donkey!
by Stripy_Tie September 22, 2010
A frog or toad. Used in Trinidad and Tobago in the Caribbean (and maybe elsewhere) - pronounced 'crappo' (emphasis on the 'a'). The word is probably of French origin. The small variety of frog that lurks on walls and can jump really far is known as the 'flying crapaud'.
Girl: Oh me lawd oi, look a flying crapaud up there!!
Guy: Relax yourself.
by Escheresque October 03, 2007
Toad or frog in french. A pejorative term used by british soldiers about their french enemies.
"The crapauds will crap their pants once they hear 'ol Bess cough"
by Mici July 02, 2016
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