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Refusing to lend out DVD's and video games after having them scratched / damaged by careless friends. Inspired by NBC's Community character Abed who refused to lend out "Kickpuncher 3: The Final Kickening" for this reason.
Guy 1: Hey can i borrow MW:3 when you're finished with it?

Guy 2: Sorry dude, Abed's rule.
by stripy_tie November 08, 2011
Toad (In Norman French), used to describe a person from the Channel Island of Jersey. How it is interpreted is usually dependent upon who said it and in what context however this is mainly in a jokey manner from a Guernsey person to a Jersey person with little malice intended. They may then respond by calling the Guernsey person a donkey or less commonly an Anes (the Guernsey French alternative).
Guernsey Man: Oi Mick! get over here you bloney crapaud!

Jersey Man -walking over-: Oh shut up you old donkey!
by Stripy_Tie September 22, 2010
When you've consumed a large amount of greasy food (typically KFC or other fast food) and the accumulated grease and mucus in your throat forces you to cough.
-leaving a fast food chain-

Ted: -cough- -cough-

Jack: You shouldn't have wolfed down that big mac so fast.

Ted- I know, got such a bad KFC cough.
by stripy_tie November 05, 2010

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