the act of being "salty" or extremely over dramatic.
An old lady cut you in line at McDonald's and you get "craig" and flick her off.
by tabetha ruiz April 01, 2008
A male figure who often talks about the army, but knows very little about it. He has asian shaped eyes and often smells of baby sick.
He is an individal that never has any money but somehow manages to scrape bus fares together when he needs to.
Can pick up ugly underaged girls very easily and is often mistaken for a rapist.
"Hey are you not that guy that raped the underaged girl?"
"NO! she was conscious."
"wait, yes you are! You're Craig!"
by Dixon5 August 27, 2009
(adj) Big toe, in history the largest toe ever documented. Also resembles a dinosaur, T-REX to be exact.. (frequent strip club attender) oh and frequently found scurrying away from parties getting busted by cops.. and found on roof tops.
girl: who invited CRAIG to my party?
other girl: i dont know get that big toe out of here!
guy: whats that dinosaur doing here, somebody get craig home!
by EVVVA March 19, 2009
a person who goes to a Golf shop with no intention of buying.
Did you see that Craig I just served. He will never buy anything.
by Bulldog 1 May 20, 2008
For a gay man to violently sodomize another man in a men's restroom.
"Did you hear on the news? That man got craig'd in the bathroom!"
by Hans Zimmerman September 04, 2008
A Craig is when someone is a complete dick and forces themselves on girls, aggressive for no reason. sets out to destroy other people's lives cus their own lives are absolute shit and cannot make themselves feel better unless everyone else is completely fucked up too.
A: that guy completely ruined my and my bf's life
B: Yeah i know he's such a Craig
by balls5647 July 22, 2009
Homosexual, often found playing halo and pretending to smoke pot. Has no real friends but believes that everyone loves him. At the same time every person on earth, even those who he has never met in entire world hate him. Often creating death threats and thrashing about when he is angered. A common phrase from him is "ILL KILL ALL OF YOU!!!"

Believes in communism but cannot defend it from the weakest of arguments. Overall, a tool.
Guy 1: Haha its craig

Guy 2: Yeah I know that guys a cunt.
by ldkfjlasjdflasdf May 22, 2009

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