A extremely gay guy that has flakey skin likes to hit on Carl while drunk. Also likes to grab chicks ass' while they are hooking up with people because he's a seedy fuck.
Also enjoys scratching and being a faggot
Ew cunt you're so Craig!
by Craigsaseedycunt June 27, 2011
Ketchup or condiment of choice.
When getting ready to eat a big juicy burger, say "pass the craig"
by CJ1978 February 04, 2010
A whiny little bitch, of small stature; often recognizable due to a small strange tuft on their back. Other characteristics include being a complete douche and having grey hair. A Craig will also generally be unnecessarily mean and obnoxious to their girlfriend, even if they are only trying to help.

In summary; a Craig can be classed as a midget with a tuft and a big nose who is also a whiny little bitch
"God, you can be such a Craig sometimes, you're such a weiner ... obvs!"
by rocky broadforest April 10, 2011
A man with enormous hands. He likes listening to "Baby" By: Justin Bieber. Usually harasses dogs. Allergic to metal in blue jeans so he usually dresses like he is going to the gym. Don't expect to see him in jeans because he hasn't in his whole life. He is a great man though. Is an expert at hittting his own teamates while playing wiffleball.
craig hands
by Big Papa Thomas June 20, 2010
Key part of a phrase used by one married or otherwise involved person to ascertain the willingness of another such person to engage in extramarital affairs. Answering this question in the affirmative generally indicates not only a willingness to fool around, but also a sexual desire for the person posing the question.

This question can be readily posed to someone in most situations.

The use of “Craig” is an allusion to craigslist where these relationships are sought on a regular basis.

This is similar to the infamous “do you know Dorothy” question posed when attempting to ascertain one’s status as hetro- or homo-sexual.
M1: "Do you know Craig?"
M2: "Yes, I've known him from time to time."
M1: "Great! We should go to lunch with Craig."
M2: "That would be perfect."
by Playa411 January 28, 2008
Local dialect- South Derby, Barrow.

Verb: To Craig- To make a retarded / slow / annoying comment, or to perform a strange activity, preferably producing an annoying noise.

Adjective: Craigy / Craiged / Craig- A strange action, or the description of an annoying or pointless activity.

Popular usage: 'No Craig No'

Noun: Legend
e.g. After being around a couple for almost a month, the Craig would ask why they were suddenly such good friends.

Wearing taped up Flip Flops.

Doing LOUD burps at innapropriate oppurtunites.

Person 1: Knock knock
'Craig': Who's there
Person 1: Runeep
'Craig': Runnep Who?
(end of joke- 5 minutes later)
Craig: RUNNY POO! I GET IT! (laughs for 10 minutes.)

Sucking inside a cup so that it gets stuck to your face.

Doing The Cha-Cha Slide on your own at the park.
by Liamthehoagie October 08, 2009
(verb)to craig something is to look at somthing that your not supposed to look at and angers the person whos something it is your looking at
Jasmine:(is on computer and having a private conversation)
Canai:(looks at computer screen) Who is Stefan Jasmine?
Jasmine: Yo why are you craigin' my shit
by Tim Hallenbeck May 08, 2009

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