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a very sweet guy that is really funny and very fun to be around. he will most likely be tall (short on rare occasions). he will always know what to say to a girl to make her smile and laugh.
OMG that guy is hilarious~girl #1

OMG IKR his name must be Kamari!~girl #2
#awesome #funny #cool #cute #tall
by meganhastigerblood December 18, 2013
A sweet , funny type of girl. Doesn't let anybody get to her and probably the funniest of all her friends.
Kamari is the coolest
#cool #funny #sweet #pretty #fun
by Kamari November 14, 2014
Kamar is a boy or a girl who will see the good in everybody. Any KamarI is a person you want to hang around because they are funny, caring, kind, and they always think of othersomething before themselves. At times, Kamari can be sensitive, and will persevere through rough times.
Person 1: omg have u seen Kamari she is so funny.
Person2: yeah I'm gonna ask her out!
Person 1:no, I am!!!
#funny #kind #beautiful #hilarious #sexy
by Royally Rebel June 06, 2015
Poop stained nappy ass nigga that takes garbage off the street.
Look at that bitch ass nigga homeless guy, he's probably a Kamari
#kamari #dusty #nappy #fugly #crusty #miles
by SHaniqualinishashecacula October 10, 2013
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