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An amazing guy that everyone loves and the girl that has a craig is the luckiest girl in the world. Craigs are funny sexy smart, huggable, kissable , everything you would want in a guy. They r usually good at instuments and GH and spend too much time on it. They like to say RAWR alot espesh. to the one they love.
by DinosaursGoRAWRXDD September 27, 2009
316 227
A name derived from Scottish myth, Craig was infamously known as the "Keeper of the Mountain". This name was also very popular in the mid 70's.

Now in recent days, the name Craig is a name for a man who is tirelessly being awesome and doing things that are extremely rad. When you see a Craig, you know he's..

"Doin' It For The Ladies"
Jay: Hey, Pete, did you see Craig?

Pete: Yeah man..

Jay: How the hell did he do it...? I mean, he can't dance, but he took every girl home that night, i mean..all of them..there was like...57 girls there man..

Pete:..Yeah, I counted as well, but you know Craig..he's..

Jay: Doin't it for the ladies...
by mekon_ACE February 04, 2010
209 122
a boy with a smile that's unforgettable. Usually can be found playing hockey or talking about cars. His thoughtfulness and unselfishness makes him the best kind of boyfriend. Someone worth spending your life with.
girl 1: wow that guy is such a great boyfriend!
girl 2: duh, he's a Craig
by TheEZ February 16, 2010
67 47
(noun, adjective) Common expression for individuals who love to wear blue crisp shirts, silver glasses, dress pants, and hot shoes, plus are kind-hearted, successful, gym-goer, and great kisser.
L: Ever since he got promoted, don has become a craig!

A: Can't believe how craig you are now!

T: Don't ever dream to get such craig with that grandma dress on you.
by Lashy-Lashy February 15, 2009
231 210
An individual who has an insatiable need for Taco Bell, has no recollection of anything he does or says while intoxicated, and gets entirely whipped over girls easily
For a good time, ... call craig
by craigfanatic February 04, 2010
50 33
A gigantic masculine, testoterone filled, meat patty, beefcake. Who is really chill, but when angered has been known to turn green. Most common time for the rage to take hold is when wife screws him over and messes up his plans. He also is known to kick back and have a few beers when his bitch aint being testy.
by The tiny wrestler August 30, 2010
32 17
Someone who consistently marks or scores lowers than those around him (or her), and saves their '10s' or perfect scores for very rare occasions.
Ref: Craig Revel Horwood, a judge on the popular UK TV show, 'Strictly Come Dancing'.
He said my report could have been better written, but I think he was just being a bit of a Craig.
by kerfoofle November 24, 2010
41 28