A racial slur used by blacks to demean whites, it refers to the time in the USA when a slave master would "crack" a whip to get the slaves to work. It's often shortened to "cracka."

It is supposed to be the comeback against nigger or darkie, however the problem being that most white people just don't give a damn if they are called cracker, honkey, or any other racial slur attributed to their race.
Use of cracker:
Black guy: Hey cracka, motherfuckin' cracka!

White guy: Meh.
1-A word inspired by the "crack" sound made by the whip of a slave driver used to denote a white person or group of white people that are punishing peoples of color for bias rules or laws that they themselves created as means to oppress. 2-A word considered by many ignorant white people to be the equivalent of "nigger".
That cracker ass pussy punched a young black girl in the face for jaywalking.

What kind of retard compares "cracker" to "nigger" when "nigger" is a term created to DEHUMANIZE an entire group of people and "cracker" is not even close to a term for dehumanizing?

You are a cracker because you constantly down the accomplishments of people of color.
by definingchamp August 03, 2010
A slang term for a white person. It originated from the term Florida Cracker used to describe homesteaders in Florida who would crack their whips while herding cattle.
Johnny shops at Old Navy and listens to Kenny G. He's such a cracker.
by entymo January 06, 2009
An offensive term directed toward "white" people. Usually used by racist "black" people, but sometimes used by morons against their own race. People who use this word usually use other word stereotypes and/or have bad grammer. Often brushed off one's shoulder if called the name. Usually dished out by people who can't handle being called a racist term themself.
racist: Yo homies look at dat cracker walkin' on our "turf"! Lets jump him/her!
victim: You don't own this place and you have no right to call me racist terms!
racist: Hey! You racist fo yellin' at a black person! This cracker deserves to die for being right and not going mah way!
victim: Sorry, what was that you said? I speak english not moron.

moron1: "Outta mah way cracker, you be in mah way."
moron2: "You shut yo mouth nigger!"
moronic-teacher-passing-by: "Moron2! get your ass down to the principal's office NOW!"
moron2: "But he call me a cracker!"
moronic-teacher: "moron1 don't call names."
by mua February 02, 2007
Food for parrots.
Also, a racist name for white people.
Polly, want a cracker?
by xChiodosx March 05, 2006
Similar to the word nigger - a racially defining term that is inherently racist. However, unlike the term nigger, cracker is not remotely taboo to use against Caucasians by Americans of African descent as nigger is when used by Caucasians to identify Americans of African descent. See double standard, reverse racism.
Bill Gates is one rich cracker!
by Werewolf April 18, 2004
Originally the word cracker came from Central Florida with cattle drivers who "cracked" their bull whips. The sound of the whip breaking the sound barrier is with sparked the name.

Florida cracker, a Florida native descended from early pioneer settlers
Georgia cracker, a Georgia native descended from early pioneer settlers
Mary: "He uses a whip to drive the cattle."
Phil: "So that's why he's called a cracker."
by petitxgateau July 08, 2011
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