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suffix added at the end of the prefix of any and all national or ethnic identifications, denoting the individual as to having to think, react, and behave, in the eyes of his/her peers, as assimilar to being "white-washed" or raised to think or perceive themselves white; it could also be said that the individual labeled as "white-washed" would side themselves with caucasians foremost rather than their own ethnic group or surround themselves with caucasian friends to feel part of the caucasian race.
asian cracker; black cracker; persian cracker; latin cracker; indian cracker; middle-eastern cracker
by Michael Valero June 15, 2004
The name given to two different groups of people in South Georgia and Central to North Florida.
Group 1. Those of Spanish origin that cracked whips over the heads of cattle (The first cowboys in America were not from Texas).
Group 2. Those of Irish or Scottish heritage that would steal cattle from farmers in South Georgia and Central to North Florida were called "crakers" pronounced cray~kur. An old English word to describe those who steal cattle. It is important to note that the origin of this word had nothing to do with slaves. Those who are actual crackers are proud to be crackers. The name is now applied to those that inhabit and live in that region.
I notice you have a southern accent. Where are you from?
I'm a Florida Cracker sir.
Get out here! I'm a Georgia Cracker sir!
Hey man, nice to meet ya
by FloridaBoy94 November 25, 2013
A small crispy thing (usually of the square shape) that is a vehicle for salt and your choice of assorted herbs.
He ate a cracker that had salt and basil in it.
by Bluemonster2112 October 14, 2013
A cracker is a word to describe extemely white people. The use of the word cracker is more often used by non-white people then white people. cracker can be used as a joke or an exteme matter.
random person: sup cracker
white person: hey dude, whats crackin?
random person: your skin
white person: real funny dude
by MCSunShine01 February 26, 2011
A word that pisses white people off because now they think they are the most oppressed race when all it really does is describe there skin color. Unlike the word "nigger" this word didn't involve people being lynched,beaten,and hosed.
Black Guy: "Hey cracker". White Guy: "Hey man that's racist. Why can't I call you a nigger and get away with it? Black Guy: Because "nigger" was used to describe black people as ignorant pieces of trash. "Cracker" is just a word to describe white peoples skin color. White Guy: Yeah well...It still makes me feel bad. Black Guy: Hey our race feels bad too when people call us "nigger". I guess we're even now.
by bjshepp December 26, 2010
Scottish origin, a "cracker" was a person who talked and boasted, derived from the Gaelic "craic" meaning 'talk', later becoming more derogatory
let's go doon the pub n' hae a good craic wit tha mates" - "that wank is sure the cracker tonight
by Caligacus May 29, 2010
One who is mad/nuts/quirky.
Our English teacher is crackers.
by A. Whitby June 18, 2003