a cracker is a white boy will red ears and a small penis, white men called black people niggers because there jelous of there big penis, and that they can dance, take there white women from them because we can satsfy them, can rap and make millions, and are stupid incest rapeing there kids in the back of there trailer park with overalls on.
example turn on your local redneck channel, to see this all going down. crackers shooting guns and rapeing there kids
by kookamilla cracka killa February 23, 2011
One of Caucasian decent who is an in-the-closet-racist. Meaning that they only say their racism behind closed doors or with there friends. One who thinks by acting black is cool until they get knocked out for that because it is blatant racism. A white kid that says nigger or nigga only on Xbox Live. One who would never say it to an African- Americans face because of the consequences they would have to face. A racist white person.
Player 1 and Player 2 talking on Xbox Live:

P1: Damn I'm beastin' bruh
P2: Shit, me too. They can't see us.

Cracker who is losing: Gosh darnit black people are so ignorant.
by Denzel Young July 18, 2008
bitch azz white lame nigga not all white peeps are crackers
cracker:bitch azz hoe u aint going to do shit
me:pulled out my 9mm put to his dome

cracker:please dont shoot me (why crying)
by cripnigga614 March 10, 2008
A cracker is a white person. The word 'Cracker' is used by Hispanics and African Americans.
Val *Hispanic*: Hey cracker!
Kaitlyn *Cracker*: Stop calling me that you are such a racist!
Val *Hispanic*: I don't know if you've noticed or not but, I AM A RACIST YOU MOTHER FUCKING WHITE CRACKER!!!
Sarah *Korean*: You're so mean! Say sorry!
Val *Hispanic*: Like fucking screw that shit Virginia Tech Killer!!
by UMS Fucking Sucks June 13, 2007
A code word that you say in front of people means that your butt crack and/or underwear is showing.
Ally: "Hey guys whats up?"
*Ally's butt crack shows and people stare*
Gab: "Cracker, Al."
*Ally blushes*
Ally: "Oh thanks :-0"
by Cahizzles February 26, 2007
A word used to describe a person of Caucasian descent. Or A snack usually eaten with cheese. A Person who cracks. A person who discriminate againsts others. Word that white people seem to think that black people think is equal to the word nigger, but unfortuanately we dont. Its just funny to call someone a cracker.
1) Black Man: Hey man I think imma go over there and apply for a job.
Nigger: Man you know that cracker ass cracker is not gone give yo nigger ass a job
2) White Boy: Why is it everytime i take you out of the hood you at like such a nigger?
Black Nigger: I dont know.... cracker..!
3)White Boy: Excuse me would any of you niggers have some gubment cheese for me & my wife to have with our crackers?.. Come on.. I Know you niggers do.!
Nigger: Nigger Please..!
by G Magic January 03, 2007
Slang word that is used by blacks as a racist taunt to provoke white Euro-Americans.

This word will never cause you to get fired unlike calling someone a nigger!

It's perfectly fine to call a white a CRACKER!
Look at dat ol white cracker bassad!

Oh when will this word be viewed as bad as saying the N word?
by Chauncee Irving January 06, 2005

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