1. An acceptable or parent-friendly substitute for an expletive. 2. White people as a whole.
"Damn them crackers are funny looking. " or "Awww crackers!!!"
by LedSleddIV January 10, 2003
A white person.

The origin of this term is unknown, although some believe it comes from crack - as in crack cocaine is white and most addicts are white.
I hate those chalky crackers.
by The Real Dimeo December 30, 2009
Term for a white person. White people usually get really upset about being called a "cracker" and claim it's the same as calling a black person a "nigger" but just more socially accepted. It's definitely not the same thing. Did black people enslave white people? Yeah, I didn't think so.
"OMG! Why are black people allowed to call us crackers but we're totally not allowed to call them niggers?! And shouldn't cracker be like the C-word or something?"

"Actually, it's totally okay for anyone who's not white to call a white person a cracker because white people are traditionally racist and there's no possible way to be racist against white people. They can only be racist against us."
by sweetiepiee August 26, 2009
1. A term used historically to refer to a slave master who would beat his slaves with a whip while calling them nigger.A term carrying no historical pain for white people; that doesn't mock their land of ancestry. Thus far from equal to the word nigger (misused as it may be). Used by some people, to refer to white people out of aggitation or bursts of anger.

2. A person who complains about not getting to use the "n" word thus showing their concealed racism. A.K.A. a closet racist(refer to number 5)

3. A person in an elevated position simply due to being Caucasian.

4. A white racist
Is that cracker burning a cross on Jones lawn? Oh hell naw.

That cracker Shelby needs to stop asking me if we're close enough for her to call me nigga.

I can't believe that cracker Billy Joe is the manager after three damn weeks. I been working here for five years!

Cloaked Man:We're here to linch you's niggers.
Black Man: Damn, it's those KKK crackers, run!!!
by Bringer of Truth July 10, 2008
A crack user who lives on the streets and asks you for money. Do not give these crackers money because they have more money than you know! They bum for a living some making over $200 a day. Crack heads live to use crack.
"Man that cracker down the street was talking to himself and twitchin' out. We should go throw eggs at him."

by swaenk February 29, 2008
A caucasian who has it easy & who does not care of another well being or family needs.
Them crackers will give you a spoon but them crackers don't share.
by Hansell & Grettel December 07, 2007
A white/caucasion person with racist or prejudiced views against any non-white person. Typically uses offesive metaphors/jokes when describing another race.
That white guy is a cracker. He always uses "tn"(typical nigger) to describe black people.
by Tiffany Smith November 19, 2007

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