to pass gas or to fart; to crack one off.
Oops, I crackered.

It smells in here, who crackered?

Man those beans were fierce, I have to cracker.
by Verano March 24, 2008
Another way to say awesome. Also can substitute Cheez-It to add emphasis!
I loved that movie! It was totally crackers!

Alex is so Cheez-It that I love hanging out with him!
by flezner February 11, 2008
1)Something that Professional Parrots try to avoid/stay sober from

2)a Drug that is offered by mysterious strangers that resembles crack...
mysterious stranger - hey you, wanna but a cracker?

professional parrot - I'M TRING TO GIVE THAT UP GOD DAMMIT!!
by ashimattack February 09, 2008
A racist term towards white people. For some reason blacks can call us honkey or cracker(not that any of us really care)but we all now that the only reason the government doesnt do something about it is because we dont want blacks to bitch even more. kind of like a toddler, you give him what he wants so he stops complaning.
Black guy:you cracker mothafucka!

White guy:fuck you nigger

Crowed: hey get that guy he said the N word hes a racist!

white guy: but he called me a honkey

black guy:that ill show you not to be racist hockey bitch!
by narglertarbler December 14, 2007
Cracker: a small, thin, and baked piece of wheat without yeast; a racist comment against a white person; a person who cracks a whip; the rural ethnic group of white cattle ranchers from South Georgia and Florida.
The Yankee man asked why I was collecting gopher turtles, and I replied, "I am going to sell them to the niggers in nigger town, Crackers don't eat nigger food."
by Justin2100 September 28, 2007
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