A term used by niggers who, in turn of using it admit their own ignorance because they think because cracker (the food) are white is why we are called that, but in reality we are called crackers because we whipped the shit out of their ancestors when they were our slaves.
nigger: stupid cracker!
white person: that right nigger I'm going to whoop your ass just like old times
by f lol u lol c lol k you May 19, 2010
a white person who plays white people sports like baseball,soft ball,golf, and bowling.they stare at black and asians cuz they know they wanna kill them.they think they're the coolest race out there well black people have their guns and asians have their technology and their smartness
asian:did you see that cracker she hates us because where different color.
black:lets beat er up afta schoo got it.
asian:you get the gun and ill get the the computer and the plan
by jockofer July 14, 2009
White people who, throughout history, have taken over the world and severely fucked up anyone who got in their path.

Crackers have saved numerous minority cultures from slavery and death at the hands of rogue States yet have asked for nothing in return.

Today, crackers still dominate the world and make up the majority of lawyers, judges, politicians, police, soldiers and other positions of power.

Crackers are despised for their ambition, strength, intelligence and strangely, their kindness. Even today Crackers still front the bill for the millions on welfare who strangely complain that the Crackers are the ones paying their bills.

Crackers are mistakenly described as being weak, dorky, dumb, stupid, etc. The fact is that crackers simply remain the dormant, dominant race who haven't been tested in a long time. In the meantime certain minority classes, particularly niggers, have developed their own absurd cultures which they mistakenly believe dominate the culture of Crackers. However, Crackers are too busy living the high life to even bother rebutting the Niggers' culture, which is so self-evidently absurd that no comment is needed.

The hilarious irony of the word "Cracker" is that it isn't offensive to white people. This stems from common sense - who would be offended at being referred to as the most powerful race on Earth?

In summary, Crackers dominate sports, academia, business, the world. Crackers are proud of their heritage, although it may not seem it at times. When you are as successful a race as Crackers are, nothing much really needs to be said.

People who aren't Crackers, wish they were Crackers. This, too, is self-evident in the number of people who have made it from whatever shithole they came from to be living it up in some mansion with all the hallmarks of a Cracker lifestyle.

Realistically, there's no reason you wouldn't want to be a Cracker. If you deny wanting to be a Cracker, you deny the best parts of life.
"black welfare kid Yo, Cracker, get da fuck off ma' block befaw I get my niggaz on you, Cracka.

white guy Hey, Nigger, pay me back my taxes that paid for your crack addiction and baby momma before I knock your dumb black ass out."

"hot blonde girl Hey, Jimmy, what are you going to do once you graduate College?

white guy Oh, I'm going to work at a top-tier law firm on Wall Street. The starting salary is $125,000 a year.

hot blonde girl Oh, cool. Hey can I suck your dick and fuck your brains out later tonight?

white guy Jeez I dunno, my schedules kinda full tonight. I'll get back to you. "
by Jimmy66 October 23, 2006
a racist term for white people.

history: so once apon a time, the negro peoples of america served as slaves for the white europeans, i know who would have thought right? well anyways, when shaskwampsha and smomilankiue, slaves or mr.smith, were picking cotton in the field one day, singing thier slave songs, which would eventually develop into rap, smomilankiue wasnt picking the cotton very quikly so shaskwampsha told him to hurry up or else mr.smith would come crack the whip on his back.....so from there on the white people would be known as the ones who cracked the whips...or crackers. the end.
what the hell is that cracker thinking, hes all up in the kool aid and dont even kno the flava.
by ndawggie October 14, 2006
you have to look this word up? holy shit

its a white boy
john smith = cracker

how white is john smith?
by afromaniac October 04, 2006
just a guess of mine-cracker=stereotype name for a white person. The name might have come from the tradition of andy griffith tv show-like white man run- general store, where old geezer white men would play checkers on top of a wooden cracker barrel.
Maybe charlie knows how to fix your motorcycle.

Shoot! That old cracker can't fix anything made after Noah's ark!
by mr. stuart June 14, 2004
Name for a white person to call a fellow white person, or a racist word a black man can call a white person.
Whats up my cracker
Yo, Tyrone look at that cracker.
by Clay Rotherham June 01, 2004

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