A crack user who lives on the streets and asks you for money. Do not give these crackers money because they have more money than you know! They bum for a living some making over $200 a day. Crack heads live to use crack.
"Man that cracker down the street was talking to himself and twitchin' out. We should go throw eggs at him."

by swaenk February 29, 2008
A caucasian who has it easy & who does not care of another well being or family needs.
Them crackers will give you a spoon but them crackers don't share.
by Hansell & Grettel December 07, 2007
A white/caucasion person with racist or prejudiced views against any non-white person. Typically uses offesive metaphors/jokes when describing another race.
That white guy is a cracker. He always uses "tn"(typical nigger) to describe black people.
by Tiffany Smith November 19, 2007
Cracker (n) (crac·ka)

On larger, corporate like plantations there were separate "crackers" in addition to the "master". This individual wasn't the "master", he was a "cracker", as in another white man beneath the white "master", doing the grunt work, as in "white trash" or "bitch" or "assistant manager". The cracker did all the legwork of the "master", whose hands never got dirty while making a profit.

Also, on smaller plantations/farms, the "master" and the "cracker" were one in the same, making the word interchangeable in those settings. The "master/cracker" was deadly and not to be trusted, yet at the same time gullible and stupid.

The term was a subversive insult used by slaves among slaves, which whites were ignorant to, and still in use today. Ask any white person what "cracker" means and they will say something incredibly retarded about how their skin matches crackers, as in cheese&crackers.
Look at that dumb cracker trying to ...*fill in the blank*
by Andi1 April 26, 2007
the white version of nigger or nigga
you are one white ass cracker bitch
by The jewish council October 13, 2006
Noun. Slang, derogatory term used for a white person. Racist comment typically used by inner-city blacks. Origin believed to refer to the poor white trash found living in "crackerbox" housing, built in the 1940s and 1950s, found just outside the city or making an associated reference to the salty white saltine cracker.

What's that cracker do-in round here?
by AnAbleMale April 07, 2006
amittance of slavery, accepting the past in a suposed derogitorive way, but in reality giving pride to deep southern folks
So now calling most whites crackers, is like saying, "I admit you are in control of me. Please don't beat me again!"
by ~*Chrisite*~ March 01, 2006
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