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to understand the full meaning of this word, we must break it down:
1. Homo - Homosexual

2. Necro - Necrophilia. def. having sex/intercourse with the dead/decease/those who have snuft it/ those pushing up the daisies.

3. Pedo - Pedophile. def. some one who has sex/intercourse with children under the legal age of consent.

4. Bestiality - def. A person who has sex/intercourse with an animal.

Once broken down, the full meaning presents its self: homo-necro-pedo-bestiality is a person who has sex/intercourse with a dead, baby animal of the same sex.

WARNING: this act is illegal in all countries, except a few select areas.
Man 1: man, me and amanda decided to get a little experimental last night, so we did a little homo-necro-pedo-bestiality.

Man 2: ...dude, i'm calling the cops.
by fattybunta August 26, 2007
a delicious snack, usually eaten with cheese or other dairy products (milk is highly unrecommended).
i'm hungry and do not know what to eat, bah, alas, not junk food, but wait, what's this? a cracker, this will provide me with minimum nutrition, excellent!
by fattybunta August 26, 2007
the greatest sex god amongst men, trapped in human form, one day to be released in a monumentus act of great extacy, then to rule over the land of orgasm, where he shall remain for many years to come.
Meerman, i think i need a new vagina, you just used all the milage and tred, i am now a slick, air hanger where no sausage can touch the sides... i comend you.
by fattybunta January 28, 2008
to cum on your self by mistake is known as friendly fire.
that feels good..... GOD DAMN IT! FUCKING FRIENDLY FIRE.
by fattybunta August 07, 2007

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