the white version of nigger or nigga
you are one white ass cracker bitch
by The jewish council October 13, 2006
amittance of slavery, accepting the past in a suposed derogitorive way, but in reality giving pride to deep southern folks
So now calling most whites crackers, is like saying, "I admit you are in control of me. Please don't beat me again!"
by ~*Chrisite*~ March 01, 2006
A young, sophisticated and knowledgeable Caucasian with a strong sense of racial identity. Once a seemingly degrading insult used by members of other races to refer to all white people, the term now expresses camaraderie and white pride. Used particularly by the Atlanta-based group, the Cracker Side Nackers.
"Yo, motherfucker, you step of my shoes one more time and all my crackers are ganna throw down on your ass"
by nackerAD June 22, 2005
a fukin dick succing white person

this goes out to all u fukkin gay racist honkey-ass crackers

if ur not one of those ignorant redneck cousin-fukkin birdshits

disregard this messege
one of those gay crackers who spends all day on his/her computer talkin shit about other races but are to scared to talk shit in our face
by Beaner && proud February 19, 2009
A cookie crisp wafer of your moms fat in one whole square of fat. You mom. Its your mother. Your mom is so that cracker. To all you niggers a white boy isn't a "cracker" a white boy is a white guy. Just because a black guy is a "nigger" doesn't mean you can name white people live it and learn it. Or i'll make you my slave. and hit you. and make you get me things. hahaha.
Nigger: Look at that cracker
White Boy ~beside nigger~:You mean that cookie in the street?
by Your Mothers Wife July 07, 2006
Cracker is the black equivalent to the word Nigger. It is used by blacks to try to imitate the racism in the word Nigger.
Do you think your cracker ass is the shit?
by Black and Proud March 24, 2006
a cracker is a white boy will red ears and a small penis, white men called black people niggers because there jelous of there big penis, and that they can dance, take there white women from them because we can satsfy them, can rap and make millions, and are stupid incest rapeing there kids in the back of there trailer park with overalls on.
example turn on your local redneck channel, to see this all going down. crackers shooting guns and rapeing there kids
by kookamilla cracka killa February 23, 2011

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