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A bad ass who can smell japs ,nazi's and fags a mile away.
He was 14 and knew uncle sam needed him so he lied about his age and signed up.
Cotton Hill knows how it really works and Hank is his son who only spermed out one kid due to his narrow urethra.
Cottons is so damn wide he could have passed the kid himself
by Dale August 01, 2003
Hank Hill's father, a bitter old man who blames everybody but himsef for his problem.
Cotton Hill: Where's my bacon? I hate sausage!
Hank Hill: Dad...
(Cotton goes nutty)
Hank Hill: Stop it, You're acting like a jackass.
Cotton Hill: (whining) But I want bacon!
by TravisRashawn October 07, 2006
1)A person that killed 50 men... with boring stories about stroking. 2)Resident of some slave supporting state that seems to be obsessed with Hank Hills urethra. 3)13 year old girl with braces and a limp.
Cotton hill really likes Hank Hill's urethra.
by sarcomax July 30, 2003
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