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The period in WWE (then WWF) that lots of things happens during the late 1990s. For an Example: Austin/McMahon fued, Monday Night Wars ratings battle between Raw and Nitro, you name it.
Don't you just love the Attitude Era?
by TravisRashawn October 09, 2006
Hank Hill's father, a bitter old man who blames everybody but himsef for his problem.
Cotton Hill: Where's my bacon? I hate sausage!
Hank Hill: Dad...
(Cotton goes nutty)
Hank Hill: Stop it, You're acting like a jackass.
Cotton Hill: (whining) But I want bacon!
by TravisRashawn October 07, 2006
A wannabe ECW. XPW was known for being a hardcore wrestling promotion that featured many violent matches.
boy 1: Which hardcore wrestling promotion is better: ECW or XPW?

boy 2: XPW! More violet matches and pornos.
by TravisRashawn November 10, 2006
The act of killing yourself.
Son: This world sucks, I rather commit sucide.
Mom: Go ahead! Who's stopping you?
by TravisRashawn November 15, 2006
WWE's pay-per-view event that takes place in December once in the year.

boy: Armageddon is one is going to be better than WWE Judgment Day!

girl: I hope Undertaker can kick Randy Orton's ass on hell in a cell match.
by TravisRashawn December 24, 2006
Do y'all think Sprawl-Mart is a name of a fictional store in The Simpsons? Well guese what? It's not.
Trivia: In Springfield, Sprawl-Mart is located near the Costington's department store (which is next to the men's shelter.)

by TravisRashawn February 28, 2007
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