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The testicles of an authentic blond man.
Does your man die his hair? No, he's got cottonballs.
by Deagan The Wolf October 22, 2003
The sqraunched up little kleenex tissues you find in the garbage by the computer used to wipe away any ejaculate that was expelled as a result of wacking off to porn or any online erotica.
Your trash is topped with cotton balls dude, how much porn do you watch?
by bodanglez91 July 05, 2010
An old lady who has complely white curly hair. cotton balls can be seen at the pharmacy or at your local grocery store. (also see Cotton Field)
Dude1: some stupid cotton ball put a dent in my door today while i was parked at Wal-Mart.

Dude2: maybe you shouldn't park near the handicap section anymore.
by Justiceemu February 06, 2009
What you call a pussy that is dry and furry.
Dude, I went down on Lauren last night and I got cotton balled!
by Chuck Bucket April 14, 2005
something you would buy but not want as a nickname, as opposed to cinnamon buns.
Ya this is steve, and mark, and this here's cotton balls.
by Bret Polk November 05, 2010
The dreaded later stage of beernuts.
When my beernuts turn to cottonballs, I'll be coming home to you.
by Tom Thamuz September 01, 2003
When a mans balls are dried up of semen from lots of fucking and/or sucking
"That bitch gave me a mean pair of cotton balls, and it hurts so good."

"I'll just find some girl and ask her to give me a pair of cotton balls."

"It's like smokin' weed...with your balls." -Rob
by ghizmo May 03, 2007
A state of testicular bliss that occurs after one takes a bath
After lying down after a bath, Jim experienced "cotton-balls"
by JeanVanier January 06, 2012