Your place of rest, whether it refers to one's domicile itself, or the actual physical entity that you rest on (ie bed, sofa), depends entirely on the context
Should I meet you round at your COTCH?

Are you serious? You farted on my COTCH?
by beezoh February 18, 2005
to have a good relaxing time, where you can all talk, drink, just basically a chill out session. LAZY!!!
"what are you doing tonight?"
"Im down for the cotch!!"
by Leo January 01, 2004
to relax in style
gorgeous ladies sitting in a sunny lounge enjoying the after effects of the celebrity yoga diet
by Anonymous September 10, 2003
Verb versitile word, can describe any part of the human body, the vaugeness of said word is the highlite of its existance
Ill stick my foot so far into your cotch, it'l make your teets bleed.
by MCwhitefish May 04, 2003
• To slumber in a cheeky manner, for example after eating bare Nandos, or after Netflix and Chill
"Oi cuz u awake?"
"Nah I'm cotching"
by $ir October 16, 2015
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