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This is what you are doing when you insult someone. You are chirping them.
Did you see Fabian chirping that guy about his mom?

Jane got chirped so badly.
by xXJessXx March 10, 2007
Most people know that polony is really nasty and is totally inferior to all other meats so therefore it is a degrading term.
John- Did you see that loser???
Adam- Yea, he's the polony of the meat world!
by xXJessXx March 11, 2007
To throw up... A term often used at parties where alcohol is consumed. Not usually used when someone throws up because they ate something bad.
Ah Fuck... Tim just cotched on my shoes

Yea... that party was wicked except I was cotching everywhere
by xXJessXx March 10, 2007
This word is usually used o symbolise something that is REALLY gross...
Ew... that pile of cotch is so miff

Did you see that wart! Miffilistic! (that's a whole new word)
by xXJessXx March 10, 2007

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