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A man who's in love with his costar but won't come out of Narnia just yet.
Oh man, did you see Cory eyefuck Chris?

Yeah! And Chris totally liked it. They're lovers I tell you!
by Mad Mad Mad Madam Monfer January 20, 2011
28 37
Derogatory term assigned to random young men of European descent. The term implies all young men of European descent are named Cory, or used to demonstrate an unwillingness to acknowledge a proper identity.
All these Cories (Cory pl.) ever do is skateboard and say 'Dude.'
by M1-A August 18, 2011
6 22
a gay guy with a small penis
dont be such a cory.

youre acting like a cory.
by mrniceguy1980 November 22, 2012
5 26
A Cory is a really good friend will be their for you, But sometimes can Have no Respect for girls. He may say he loves you, & treat you like a princess but he will do just about anything to get in your pants. A Cory is always talking about Sex , can tell the truth & later regret everything. Extremely jealous of everyone his girlfriend talks to even if it's her best guy friend. He'll even confront & threten even try to fight a guy right then wherever it is even if a guy looks at his girl once. & After you broke up with him, He wants to know all your business, He's NOSY AF.
Gary: Hey Jenna, I Heard you broke up with Cory. Why?

Jenna: That Cory just wanted to get in my pants. He always talked dirty to me & He was such a sailor mouth even infront of my parents. He cussed out my bestfriend calling her all these rude names just cause she asked him "How are you & Jenna". And He wanted to jump every guy that just looked at me.

Gary: That Fag.
by Yo Momaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa July 22, 2011
11 33
a man who belongs to isabella and only to isabella. he is very loved and is very special to his friends and wifey. he is an amazing guy and will always keep his promises and will always do his best to keep the people he loves happy.
he is such a cory. i wish i had him.
by sdsuchik February 16, 2010
21 68
One of best girls anyone can be friends with. Everyone loves her espically her boyfriend and her best friends! She is tha craziest person you'll ever meet. She is really good at any sport she'll do/try. She isnt a heavy grimilin! she is beautiful inside and out. It doesnt matter what anyone says she is. She is awesome!! and ilover herr cuz she is one of my best friends!! :)
Cory is tha bestest chick eva!!
by M3gannSchu!keee:() June 18, 2010
14 67
a man with a crooked penis (90 degree angle)
this guy cory floped out his penis and it looked like an 90 degree angle.
by tunerz November 06, 2006
102 193