1. The act of giving someone the shaft. To leave all the work for others to do, while claiming oneself is the best in the business.

2. To skip work and/or leave work earlier than scheduled.
3. To feel lethargic or lazy.
I didn't get to leave until 9:30 last night, man. Jake totally Cory'd me and I was stuck closing by myself.

Stephen was being a Cory tonight, so I just told him to leave. I ended up getting everything done faster that way.
by Dommy_Tsunami July 17, 2014
A pathetically small penis. Outsourcing of the orgasm required.
OMG, like that's a Cory sized willy right there. You had better have some toys handy.
by VirtualAsylum January 23, 2015
An annoying individual lacking the skills to stop talking in inappropriate moments.
You're such a Cory.
by vivalame897 September 17, 2014
A kid who gets mad over video games and rejects their ugly girlfriend because of it. On an average day he cries about 5 times. He has no friends and likes BBWs. He is constantly made fun of because of his small, tic-tac looking dick.
by LittleLeroy12 February 16, 2014
A man who's in love with his costar but won't come out of Narnia just yet.
Oh man, did you see Cory eyefuck Chris?

Yeah! And Chris totally liked it. They're lovers I tell you!
by Mad Mad Mad Madam Monfer January 20, 2011
Derogatory term assigned to random young men of European descent. The term implies all young men of European descent are named Cory, or used to demonstrate an unwillingness to acknowledge a proper identity.
All these Cories (Cory pl.) ever do is skateboard and say 'Dude.'
by M1-A August 18, 2011
a gay guy with a small penis
dont be such a cory.

youre acting like a cory.
by mrniceguy1980 November 22, 2012

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