an incredibly attractive guy
bartender, i'd like to buy cory over there a heineken
by gerb55 March 19, 2009
A friendly guy who will always be there for you no matter how much of a bitch you are.

Travels often with girls and plays video games.

He plays world of warcraft out.
"That guy is a Cory, just look at the Horde t-shirt, big jeans, long hair, and wire-rimmed glasses. God, look at all those girls around him too....So Cory."
by Koralyrem April 10, 2008
super cool looking kid. who throws awesome parties!
i wish i was like cory.
by lana zlovic July 14, 2006
he is so sweet looking and is so sweet..
he like to give advice..

he has a nice smile..

he makes people happy and he is one of kind
dont you want that corys smile

i want that cory
by babbiiee February 22, 2010
anyone of the name cory aka the sexiest bastards alive we rock we win you lose game over
damn look at cory. i wish i was good enough to be a cory
by cory March 21, 2005
Cory is a man who is easy to fall in love with because of his humor and booming personality. His eyes are so dreamy. One look at them and you will be lost in them forever. Cory has a great personality but can let anger get the better of him at times. He is extremely fun to be around and makes the best of any situation. He has a wild side yet loves to be laid back. He is very attractive. Cory is truly amazing!
Cory is a man that any girl would be lucky to have.
by 10/14/11 August 06, 2013
a guy who a lot of girls like. he normally dates sluts and whores but sometimes goes for sweet nice girls. he is awesome at football and has a great body. he doesnt make very good grades in school.. hes mega perverted and horny.... hes incredibly funny and cool. everybody loves cory
Cory is an amazing guy, but not the best boyfriend.
by kawrrl April 01, 2010

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