A specific type of lockable dildo which a he-female dominatrix places in the anus of her slutboy to accentuate his feminization. Usually the obedient fully dressed ladyboy wears the cork when his Mistress and him are walking and acting in public. He must smile, interact, and obey as if his slit-ass was not completely jammed by his mistress' power. The proper use of a cork makes for a major enhancement of the understanding by boys and men of the social, psychological, and physical constraints of old-fashioned womanhood.
The slutboy (on a high pitch tone): When I sit, I strongly feel the cork.

The mistress: Sit pretty then, cross your legs tight, and serve me some tea.
by Ysengrim January 02, 2004
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Co. Cork the biggest County in Ireland. It is in the provence of Munster. People from this county are known to be arrogant and cocky. Indeed they have reason to be. A beautiful county steeped in history, both political and sporting. The great Michael Collins who fought and won independance for 26 of the 32 counties of Ireland came from Cork. Cork also have won 30 All-Ireland titles in the Irish sport of Hurling and add to that 6 in Gaelic Football. Cork only second to Co. Galway in beauty and greatness.
Do you live in Cork?
by Brendan77 May 13, 2006
When someone prevents a female from scoring.
Cindy: I didn't mean to cork you.
Lauren: Then why'd you bring up my ex in front of him?
by KingOfTheMountains December 20, 2009
A substitution for the word sex.
I'mma cork you in the butt, boooii!
by Dreggy April 26, 2009
To cork something or someone is to shut them up for good
I corked urban dictionary because for some reason none of my definitions never get posted.
by Superman22 April 03, 2004
When the side of the femur or thigh is striked with the blow by the knee by another person. Is very painful and can last for up to 2 days. Can also leave bruise marks.
Shane walks down the road. His friend Sam sneaks up from behind him and knees him in the side of the thigh.
"Omg..that hurt man! My leg!"
"lol..corked bro."
by Darren Vongs June 23, 2006
"to cork" somebody, is to fuck them so hard that their eyes start to pop out.
mr worms gave miss grunt such a ravaged corking, she couldnt walk or sit down for 3 days
by D. Hine October 27, 2003
Read somewhere in small platoons in Vietnam they had a drug called CORK , it was a suppository to prevent defecation when out on a mission.
LT. Tell the new FNG's to use CORK.
by Crpetersena January 11, 2009

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