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Some fine ass cooter
Chris's mom's cooter was amazing last night
by Andy March 04, 2004
12 3

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An interesting linguistic splice of the words "cooter" and "terrific." It basically means something is pretty awesome.
"Wow, that guy Brett is pretty fucking cooterific" or perhaps "That girl's tits are cooterific!"
by Brett is Cooterific September 06, 2009
7 5
it means getting some hot wet finger lickin pussy my friends. it comes from the latin work, coo-ter-if-ik and that mean door of happyness, well i dont like pigs or indians so ill cut the chase, i <3 andy's moms cooter!! pwned nigger!
andy's moms ass was so nice, i popped the cherry hidden in her cooter DAAAMN(i kno u blacks like that word)
by chris March 08, 2005
7 13