A lamer way to say cool.

An event that is mild on the excitement scale.

*Never use it in a sarcastic way because it won't sound good. Awesome>Cool>Sick>Coolioes
A:I got a new book to read.
B: Coolioes.
Coolioes was used here because the event isn't very exciting.

A:I got a new game!
Cool was used here because the event was exciting enough.

Using "coolioes" in a sarcastic way
A:I got a new yak!

This is why we don't use coolioes in a sarcastic way, because when you say it sarcastically it sounds like a fat bird.
by coolioes August 18, 2009
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Meaning cool, but typically used as a one word response and not part of a sentence.
Quaay says, "Hey, Inde, I just bought more ram for my computer!"
Inde replies, "Coolio!"
by Quaay July 04, 2004
a West-Coast artist who has been making music since the late 1980's for Tommy Boy Records.

people say that Coolio is a one hit wonder with his chart topping song "gangstas paridise" but that is not true...Coolio has many great songs such as "Geto Hilites" "Sumpin New" "Too Hot" "Fucc Coolio" and "Exercise Yo Game" so his album "Gangsta Paradise" is considered a classic by those who heard songs other than just gangstas paradise
Coolio is a lyrically talented yet under-rated MC
by tha truth teller May 23, 2006
new fad, same definition as cool. Should not be said by someone over 30.
Man that concert was coolios!
by Taheka December 14, 2003
Coolios is the most awesome way of saying cool. it usual implies a bouncier happier personality and can be used to brighten an otherwise bland statement.
Rose: ...and then he kissed me!
Sarah: coolios, thats awesome!

Mark: you wanna hang out after school tomorrow?
Josh: sure!
Mark: coolios.
by wolferman August 27, 2010
Another way of saying cool
but sounding like cherios
"oh em geee look at my new shoes"
Wow they are so coolios
by Annie_Bananie March 11, 2008
Adapted from the word cool. Used to show you care about something but not enough to make a full-fledged comment on it.
Melissa: I think I'm getting a new hamster!
John:(doesn't really care about the new hamster that much) coolio.
by mickydee March 14, 2008
Coolio (pronounced Cool-ee-oh)
the peak of all that is cool. used as one word usually, and has that same basic meaning as the word 'cool' but said with an ittalian accent. doesnt have anything to do with cheerios.
LA - its coolios kid.

AJ - that hat your wearing is seriously coolio.

BOTH - coolio amigo!
by AJ & LA October 27, 2008

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