A lame way of sayin cool. Probnounce the same way people from the 80's and 90's.
Me:You want to go to the mall?
Metri: not this weeek, i got to get some money.
Me; Coolio
by hnic2012 October 05, 2011
something you say to a person that bores you, but you want them to seem like you're actually interested in what they're saying.
Person 1:"hey did you know that plants go through photosynthesis? also they produce oxygen for us to breathe!"
Person 2:"really? that's so coolio!!!"
by RAndOm_PeRsON*^_^* October 28, 2009
A lamer way to say cool.

An event that is mild on the excitement scale.

*Never use it in a sarcastic way because it won't sound good. Awesome>Cool>Sick>Coolioes
A:I got a new book to read.
B: Coolioes.
Coolioes was used here because the event isn't very exciting.

A:I got a new game!
Cool was used here because the event was exciting enough.

Using "coolioes" in a sarcastic way
A:I got a new yak!

This is why we don't use coolioes in a sarcastic way, because when you say it sarcastically it sounds like a fat bird.
by coolioes August 18, 2009
You bassically jhus say it on msn when somefin is cool.coolioo
Tyra:Nuffin Much you.
Nicole:Im Iytee
by Yungahh Remmiie May 04, 2009
1)to be cool or awesome. 2) the act of appreciation. 3) a term of endearment
Jill: i won the lottery!!
Anna: that's coolio
by heartpineapple6 April 30, 2009

An urban adaption of the popular term "cool".

Yea, thats coolio
Malika and RaJ are the most Coolio in the word. You must be worthy 2 be coolio
by cooolio May 03, 2007
something datz even cooler dan COOL!
John: Yo J i got da new God Of War!
Jim: Coolio!Ima come ova nd play it in a lil while den!
by Da Prince of Crunk March 22, 2007
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