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a llama who likes fried fish and cookies, but first he is hararious when he is so cooooollllllldddddd!
guy1: i'm cold and have a hankering for fried fish and cookies.
guy2: so, you're an ericsturrock then?
guy1: precisely.
by Tibbins January 10, 2009
Person that's lovely, wonderful, trustworthy and loyal, who likes to listen and help people with their problems.
What an Elmcroft!
by Tibbins January 10, 2009
Mancunian TV presenter; Famous for presenting late night Channel 4 youth programme, "The Word".
Terry Christian, the guy from The Word
by Tibbins January 09, 2009
US rapper, famous for multi-million selling song "Gangsters Paradise". In January of 2009, Coolio entered the Celebrity Big Brother house in the UK.
Coolio is so coolio!
by Tibbins January 09, 2009

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