A term used when someone does not want to simply say 'cool' but a more spicy term.
Joe: " Hey i just got back from a soccer game"
Steve: "Coolio"
by Harry Hoar May 12, 2012
Cool or awesome.
Izzy:I just got a new cat!
by Izzy_Awesomeness February 24, 2011
1. Literally what it sounds like, but a more sarcastic version of itself. As a substitute for "cool", coolios can be used as a joke between friends or as a sarcastic response to something you don't really care all that much about.

2. An adjective, describing how cool and, in some cases, attractive someone else is. A gender-neutral word in this sense.
Example One:
John: Hey, I got the new game for my X-Box!
James: Coolios.

Example Two:
Abigail: Guess who I saw walking down the road today? It was Richard!
Amanda: Really?! He is SO coolios!
by coolios May 03, 2014
A better way to say "Cool"
A funnier way to say "Cool"
"Hey what's up?"
"I'm at such a wild party! Hbu?"
"Coolios! I'm at my friends house."
"You and your friend come over to the party!"
"Coolios! See you in 20!"
by CoolGal February 03, 2013
synonym to cool, rad, narly, sweet, awesome, ect.. Something to say when you're excited about something, but to cool to squeal and show emotions.
Girl 1: Check it out! Selena Gomez is preforming in Portland!
Girl 2: Coolio!
by yayayayacrazygirl January 24, 2013
When something is cool and awesome but in a dorky or cheesy manner. Such as pee wee herman, the fraggles, or watching the clouds pass overhead as you listen to owl city and sip on tea.
Sweet! I'll definately play hungry hungry hippos. That game is mad coolio.

Star wars is so coolio.

Obeying the law, getting good grades, and saying no to drugs. Darn, if those those things aren't coolio then I don't know what is.
by Kent Owens November 06, 2011
something you say to a person that bores you, but you want them to seem like you're actually interested in what they're saying.
Person 1:"hey did you know that plants go through photosynthesis? also they produce oxygen for us to breathe!"
Person 2:"really? that's so coolio!!!"
by RAndOm_PeRsON*^_^* October 28, 2009

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