Coolio is a word that originates from the word 'cool'. Many people use it as a substitute.
The people who use the word are trying to be unique and try to be different.
40 year old man : 'Woah, my action man is so coolio!'
by piano_226 February 27, 2007
The cheapest Halloween costume ever.

All you have to do is cut off a bunch of tree branches and glue them to your scalp, and you've got the hair down.
Person 1: Why do you have branches on your head?
Person 2: That's supposed to be Coolio's hair.
Person 1: OHHHH. Now I see it. -high five-
by XileLord December 10, 2010
An expantion on cool. I tend to use it when in a 'silly' mood,
and kind of mock things using it.
someone shows you a song, your not all that bothered or you may like it, so use 'coolio' to just to make it seem more interesting to yourself.
by urMast3r June 29, 2009
Very cool; the way a black person usually says cool; a rapper
"Man, that party was coolio!"
"Hey want to go to the Coolio concert?"
by S.Y.S. January 01, 2009
another way of saying cool but cooler
"you bought an IPOD coolio"

"you got a WII coolio"
by guitarchick September 24, 2008
Cool but in a different content
chris: coolio
gail: watch ya
chris: it means cool
by Checken April 16, 2008
Youngin's lingo for "cool". --e.e.c
U got your kicks from melrose? Coolio!
by Manang August 12, 2011
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