Connecticut was the fifth state added to the nation. It is the second smallest state and is located on the Atlantic Ocean in between NYC and Boston. Some statistics about CT are: We are the richest state in the nation, we have the highest IQ, we have the highest rich to poor differential, we have the highest amount of intravenous drug use in the nation, and one of our cities for years was the heroin capital. On that note, CT is an often misunderstood state. People on the outside of CT tend to think of it as a rich an snobby state where people are perfect and get what they want. In reality CT is not what it seems. Sure we have some of the best private and public schools in the country, but that is only in select parts of the state. Some of us from CT went to schools that barely got accredited. Traditionally most people who live in CT are considered to be preppy. On the whole though we have a large variety of people. To the idea that only white people live in CT, this is thought by those outside of CT and those in the special and select towns, such as Greenwich and Westport. Not only do we have some of the highest rated cities in the nation, but we also have some of the lowest. We have people living in mansions and we have people living in cardboard boxes. Some things that are traditionally CT are: the terms shotty and shotty not, Northface jackets, girls in Northface jackets and flip flops in the winter, grinders, package stores that close before 9 and are not open on Sundays, love for two Major League teams (Yankees and Red Sox), raggies, getting cocked. Contrary to popular belief the majority of the state does not ride around in Mercedes and Hummers, the most common cars are Jetta and Taurus. We like to party in the woods. You have most likely been to the Meadows for a DMB concert and can only remember part of it. It is a love it or leave it state. Some people on in say Fairfield County will never leave because they have all that they will ever need. The rest of us who got the short end of the stick can't wait to get out. CT is characterized by: Mansion lined streets, pretty little shore towns, houses in the middle of nowhere (ie the woods), farm towns, and ghettos. One thing we lack our suburbs. While many think of suburbs when they think of CT there is actually no real suburbs here. Famous people in CT include Paul Newman, Martha Stewart, 50 Cent, Kevin Bacon, Glenn Close, Linda Evans and Katherine Hepburn.
Person 1: "Where are you from?"
Person 2: "Connecticut."
Person 1: Dude you must be like rich or something!"
Person 2: ""
by Lexilouwho January 29, 2009
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According to U.S. News and World Report 2003 - Connecticut is THE RICHEST STATE in the nation and always has been by per capita new worth, average income, and cost of living. It's amazing how uneducated someone is to say New Jersey (which most everyone would agree is the nation's asshole) would be richer. Have fun peasant, New Jersey is 6th. Get castrated before you reproduce and your uneducated middle-low class spawn infect any more of the planet.
Nice Prada shoes. Are you from Connecticut?

Why yes, where are you from?

New Jersey.

Well, that explains the smell.
by Jeffrey Fortenberry November 06, 2003
A unit of measurement, usually meant to gage the size of large disasters.

synonyms: Delaware, Rhode Island, Texas
1. The fire burning in the Amazon has destroyed an area roughly the size of Connecitcut.

2. A region almost the size of two Connecticuts was rendered uninhabitable by the radioactive spill.

3. An iceberg the size of Connecticut broke off of Antarctica today.
by shootandrun June 13, 2007
You know you are from CT if:

-You can't buy beer after 8 p.m. or sundays
-There is a farm within five miles of your house.
-You have known at least two preppy rich kids from Fairfield who listen to Phish.
-You have deer in your backyard.
-You have been drunk at the Meadows and don't remember the concert.
-You've partied at bonfires.
-You've never looked at a public bus schedule and would certainly never ride it
-You have both girlfriends and guy friends with the same name as you
-You think New Haven is the worst ghetto you've ever seen.
-You get mad at anyone who doesn't know how to drive in the snow.
-You think New Jersey is a toxic waste dump.
-Your family owns more than one house.
-Your high school has won the State Championship in soccer and/or lacrosse several years in a row.
-You have taken riding lessons at the towns Riding Club.
-You spend the summer on Cape Cod, in Nantucket or Marthas Vineyard.
-The cars in your high school's parking lot were worth more than your high school.
-You were pissed that your sixteenth birthday car was a new sedan instead of an SUV.
-You have more than one country club in your town.
-UConn basketball rules and no one can tell you different
-You hang out at Denny's
-You weekend either on the Cape or Rhode Island at a summer home
-You wear flip flops in the winter
-You wear Hollister and know how to surf even though you live in New England
-You own at least 5 designer handbags and go shopping in NYC every weekend
I am getting out of here the first moment i can!!!!
by blonde89 January 26, 2005
Connecticut (abbrev.- CT) is one of the original 13 colonies. It is a crossover of Massachusetts and New York, but is still part of New England. Not everyone is a rich, stuck up asshole like people seem to think, it is an actual state with actual problems and benefits. There are arrogant snobs who put down on people, but those can be found anywhere.
Connecticut is:

The Nutmeg State
Part of New England

A Pleasant (but boring) State To Live In

Stop ripping on states you haven't lived in, it's annoying.
by CT person May 23, 2010
All of you who think that Connecticut is just where snobby rich kids come from, you're wrong. Yes, about half the people here are asses. But the other half are normal people who just want to live free of sterotypes! The good half of us drive regular cars, not beat up 20 year old cars, but not BMWs and Mercades. We aren't super poor, or super rich. The averages may say that we are one of the richest, but that doesn't mean all of us are rich.
Shut the fuck up about Connecticut being super rich snobs or out of the way hicks. We have a diverse population just like any other state. You ignorant bitches are just listening to sterotypes.
by Redrose13 June 28, 2010
My home state...where New Yorkers go to turn off their brains, where NYC business men keep their mistresses, and the nutmeg state. We also have the highest IQ, highest cost of living, one of the highest teen heroin usage levels, and, of course, nutmeg.
We all just really want to get out of Connecticut
by Alexandra December 01, 2004
- Richest state
- Highest average IQ at 115
- State which gives the least to charity

Also, the dumbass that said New Haven had nothing but giant houses is a dumbass. Try leaving the Yale area before opening your mouth.
50 Cent has a house in Connecticut
by One toasted ass cracker! November 14, 2004
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