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A very lovely girl who make everyone stop and stare at her because she's flawless and you're not.

Also, she's pretty, smart and nice.
Sometimes, her perfection makes some people feel envy, but is not her fault being perfect in everything.

In some countries is a short name for Constanza.
Did you see Coni? She looks great, as always.
by picturetoburn13 August 21, 2012
V. The process of deleting statuses, comments, or wall posts on Facebook to hide anything that may make you look bad
You better Coni that shit before you get P-Messed.
by P-Me$$ July 12, 2009
a makeshift condom, eg a mars bar wrapper and a elastic band.
oh god i had to make a coni last night!
by Alex Crowe February 14, 2007
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