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When you get so pissed at someone that you defriend him or her on facebook and then create a group asking others to defriend that person as well
you must have really pissed him off because you just got P-Messed.
by P-Me$$ May 23, 2009
Jesus Sucked My Dick
Person 1: God loves me.

Person 2: Oh yeah, well JSMD...Bitch!!
by P-Me$$ July 07, 2009
When you find a creative way to walk out on a restaurant check

*based on the future TV series "Skipped"
Owner- Hey, that guy never payed his bill!

random customer- I think you just been skipped.
by P-Me$$ May 28, 2009
V. The process of deleting statuses, comments, or wall posts on Facebook to hide anything that may make you look bad
You better Coni that shit before you get P-Messed.
by P-Me$$ July 12, 2009

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