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1. To make something more complicated and less simple.
2. The opposite of simplify.
3. To pointlessly make something harder to understand
4. To dramatically increase the difficulty of something for no good or apparent reason
wow, that really complifies things!
There is no need to complify things
by manofmanysides September 05, 2005
41 9
complicating something in an effort to actually simply
Let's not complify this discussion
Mark comflified his presentation so much that he left everyone confused
by digitaldev April 30, 2009
0 1
to complicate and amplify a situation

synonyms: amplicate
the presence of the Secretary of Defense only helped to complify the situation
by gcnaddict January 31, 2005
6 9
To make something more difficult.
"Don't complify things man, just get a double cheereburger."
by Pastor Travis January 13, 2008
8 33